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Midterm Review: Key Words

Note the Early Due Date: by midnight, Wed., Oct. 2nd  As part of your midterm review, I would like for you to post, as a comment to this entry, two key words or important concepts regarding the chapter/reading you’ve been assigned (see below). You are welcome to directly quote from the chapter to explain this … Continue reading

Thank you, Sean!

Sean, please accept our digital thank yous for leading an interesting, engaging, and informative lecture on copyright and open access for our English 3120: Electronic Writing & Publishing class. You can access student comments on this posting, and I also copy and pasted them into a Wordle – our equivalent of a thank you card. … Continue reading

Convergence, Media Torrent/Supersaturation, and Data Smog

Prezi for class discussion can be accessed here.

Resources from Copyright Presentation

Check out the new page I created with materials and information from Sean Lind’s presentation on copyright.

Urban Scavenger Hunt Volunteer Opportunity: Act Fast If Interested

The director of Pebble Tossers, one of our community partners for our class service projects, is helping one of their partner organizations (City Solve) locate volunteers for an urban scavenger hunt event next weekend. The organizers are looking for 4 more volunteers to help man stations for the event: Saturday, April 21st, 9:30 – 4:00 … Continue reading

Email Blog Address & Hybrid Day Reminders

Class: As soon as possible, please email me (aholmes@gsu.edu) the web address for your blog and a brief explanation of your niche. If you are torn, unsure, or simply want some feedback on your ideas, please include that in your email, and I will respond. I had hoped to make it around the classroom to chat … Continue reading

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