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Digital Story Peer Review & Portfolio Reminders

Share Service Project Draft with Community Partner As I mentioned in class yesterday, I would like for you to share the draft (it could be the same thing you shared with me last week) of your service project with your partner, if you’re able. I know those of you working with raw video footage may … Continue reading

Wiki Draft, MovieMaker, & Other Announcements

Wiki-Something Due Friday Okay, I admit it: I felt a little uneasy with doing away with the wiki draft so easily and hastily at the end of class today. That’s not just because it meant you could possibly not have to do the assignment but more because I felt like it devalued what I consider … Continue reading

And the featured blog post winner is . . .

Rachel Causey’s “Mrs. Peacock Killed Mr. Body in the Library with the Candlestick.” This entry, like others on Rachel’s blog, has a catchy title, engaging photos, and concise but thoroughly-written content. The style and tone of this entry is fun and engaging, and Rachel had a creative idea to combine her interest in the game Clue … Continue reading

Thank you, Laurissa!

Dear Laurissa, We wanted to thank you for taking the time to come visit with our class and talk about your professional and academic experiences. Please accept this electronic “thank you” with individual student “thank yous” in the comments section. All best, Ashley Holmes on behalf of English 3120

Combining Blog & Website

A number of you have been asking me how you might go about creating a WordPress site that has one page that functions like a blog (with posts) and other pages that function like a static website. I’ve done some investigating and have found some options that may work for you. You may want to … Continue reading

Announcements & Reminders

Reminders: Due Friday, Nov. 8th by midnight: Email Dr. Holmes (aholmes@gsu.edu) your draft infographic for feedback. I typed up some infographic instructions and tips and posted them to the website, so you might take a few minutes to consult them. Also, if you’re keeping up with weekly blog posts, you have one new post and … Continue reading

Visual Reports of Data from Our Guest Speaker Laurissa

Our guest speaker from Monday’s class shared two online documents that represent engaging, visual displays of data. Check them out below! (The two bullets are hyperlinks – I don’t know why they aren’t showing up as blue, underlined. Oh the joys of technology!) Mail Chimp 2012 Annual Report Game Changers: Creating a new relationship between … Continue reading

Infographic Examples & Article on Resume Eye Scanning

Hi, class: I thought I’d share the links to the infographic we looked at in class today from The Oatmeal: How much do cats actually kill? Also, one of your classmates, Arrie, shared this funny infographic from The Onion about Tornado Safety. If you have a favorite infographic or one you’ve come across lately, please feel … Continue reading

Reminders & Schedule Update

Reminder: Your draft Google map (potential portfolio) item is due as an email to Dr. Holmes (aholmes@gsu.edu) by midnight tonight, Friday, Nov. 1st. Don’t forget to change the privacy settings to make your make public or at least viewable to anyone who has the link. I’m expecting you to drop a few pins (there’s not … Continue reading

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