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Reminders & Schedule Update


Your draft Google map (potential portfolio) item is due as an email to Dr. Holmes (aholmes@gsu.edu) by midnight tonight, Friday, Nov. 1st. Don’t forget to change the privacy settings to make your make public or at least viewable to anyone who has the link. I’m expecting you to drop a few pins (there’s not a set number) and to include some content with those pins. Remember that your Google map can be related to whatever you’d like, though some good ideas might be to relate it to your blog topic, your service project, or carry over from the focus of your website project.

Schedule Update:

Interestingly enough, your votes for the top 2 projects came out to be nearly equivalent with memes, wikis, and infographics each earning 8 votes and podcast earning 7. I’ve decided we should focus on infographics this week and wikis next week; then we’ll conclude with the digital storytelling project. From those and your homepage, you will select 3 to revise and showcase in your digital portfolio. I’ve updated the website version (not the PDF) of the assignment sheet to reflect these changes; I’ve also decided to include the draft submissions for these assignments as part of this project grade (rather than your homework/participation grade). I’ve updated the schedule for the next couple of weeks as well.

IMPORTANT: Assignment Due Monday

Please see the updated schedule, which asks you to look at some infographics online in advance of class and write up about a one-paragraph response in which you define and reflect on the features and purpose of infographics (based on the ones you look at online). I will collect your paragraph for a homework grade. Let me know if you have questions about this assignment or any of the other updates I’ve mentioned here.


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Associate Professor of English (Rhetoric and Composition), Georgia State University


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