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Announcements & Reminders


  • Due Friday, Nov. 8th by midnight: Email Dr. Holmes (aholmes@gsu.edu) your draft infographic for feedback. I typed up some infographic instructions and tips and posted them to the website, so you might take a few minutes to consult them. Also, if you’re keeping up with weekly blog posts, you have one new post and one new comment due (though blog check isn’t for a couple of weeks).
  • Due Monday, Nov. 11th by the start of class: your draft service project document(s), either as an email or printed-out copy for Dr. Holmes to give you some feedback.
  • NEW: Also due by the start of class Monday, Nov. 11th, please take a few minutes to peruse the Wikipedia About Page, in particular please read about Contributing to Wikipedia and the content criteria listed there. You will either be making a contribution to Wikipedia or creating a wikispaces page for this portfolio component, so you might also think about what page you might create or add to on Wikipedia or what you might create for a wikispaces wiki.


  • I’ve given feedback on your websites, and I’m now working through your Google maps.
  • I’m working on your blogs, too. You should hear from me soon.
  • Schedule change: Next Wednesday, Nov. 13th will *NOT* be a hybrid day. This will be a required, face-to-face class meeting. There’s just too much we need to get done in class to finish up your digital portfolio assignments.

As always, email me if you have questions on any of these assignments or announcements!


About Ashley Holmes

Associate Professor of English (Rhetoric and Composition), Georgia State University


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