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Wiki Draft, MovieMaker, & Other Announcements

Wiki-Something Due Friday

Okay, I admit it: I felt a little uneasy with doing away with the wiki draft so easily and hastily at the end of class today. That’s not just because it meant you could possibly not have to do the assignment but more because I felt like it devalued what I consider to be an important assignment. Moreover, a few folks already submitted drafts prior to class, and that just didn’t seem fair. So . . . I’ve changed my mind (kind of), and I’m sorry!

Please, by Friday midnight submit via email to me:

  • Something wiki-related that you’ve done. It can be a link to a Wikipedia entry that you’ve contributed to or content that you’re planning/hoping to add to a Wikipedia page (or a page you want to create). Or it could be your wikispaces page. You don’t have to necessarily post anything (or prove that you did), simply send me what you have that’s wiki-related by Friday. If you decide you want this in your portfolio, you’ll want to get it online and do the more formal documentation with screen shots, but that doesn’t seem necessary for the draft.

The caveat: like I said in class, I’m not sure how helpful my feedback to you will be on the wiki draft because really your work will be judged by the Wikipedia community. So, I plan to give you credit for submitting your wiki draft BUT I will NOT give you feedback on your wiki-related draft unless you specifically ask me a question in your email.

MovieMaker is Back! Meet in CLSO 303 Monday.

Well, it will be by Friday. The tech folks missed this when they updated the computers, but they have assured me it will be added by Friday. This means we will move forward as planned with you working on your digital stories Monday in class. I will also preview the program a bit (which was my plan for today – sorry about that). Bring any materials (photos, music clips, writing) you need to work on your draft in class Monday.

Next Blog Set Due Monday(ish)

Like I mentioned in class, I probably won’t get to these until later in the week, so while they are due Monday, if you need a couple of extra days you should be okay. You have 3 new posts and 3 new comments to peers (comment only on entries posted in November) due.

Digital Portfolio Deadline Pushed to Next Sunday (Nov. 24th)

I forgot to mention in class today that I pushed your digital portfolio deadline back from Friday the 22nd to Sunday the 24th by midnight. I hope this might be helpful to you.

Also, I’m giving you the option to simply post the required portfolio parts to D2L rather than creating some fancy portfolio package, though you’re still welcome to impress me with some out-of-the-box creative idea for your portfolio. II’ll remind you of this Monday, but you’ll need to post your 3 revised digital projects (from the 5 we’ve done: web homepage, google map, infographic, wiki, and digital story), an introduction, and a reflection. You can read more specifics on the updated portfolio assignment page.

Email me with questions. We’ve got a lot going on, but you are doing awesome work for these assignments!!!


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