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Digital Story Peer Review & Portfolio Reminders

Share Service Project Draft with Community Partner

As I mentioned in class yesterday, I would like for you to share the draft (it could be the same thing you shared with me last week) of your service project with your partner, if you’re able. I know those of you working with raw video footage may have a harder time with that. At the least, try to send an update to your community partner, and, when possible, share some of the materials you’re working on so you can get feedback to help with your revisions after Thanksgiving break. I will be offering feedback as well, but I’d rather you share what you can now (rather than waiting until after break) to get feedback from your community partner, which you can consider in addition to my feedback as you make revisions in the final weeks of the semester.

Digital Story Reminders & Due Dates

  • If you have a PC running windows, you can download Movie Maker for free on your home computer.
  • Upload Digital Story Draft to VoiceThread by midnight tonight (Tues., Nov. 19th) and email your peer review group and me (aholmes@gsu.edu) the link to your draft. See instructions.
  • Comment on your 2 peers’ digital stories by midnight Thurs., Nov. 21st. See instructions.
  • You will receive a grade for uploading your digital story draft on time and for responding to your peers.
  • I will not be giving you feedback on your digital story, so please take the peer review seriously and give your peers good feedback to help them revise. If you have particular questions for me on your digital story, email me prior to the portfolio due date.

Portfolio Due Date & Reminders

  • Your digital writing portfolio is due by midnight, Sun. Nov. 24th as uploaded files to D2L.
  • Be sure you have all components: 3 revised assignments from the set we’ve been working on, an introduction, and a reflection.
  • See portfolio instructions for more details and email me if you have questions.

Blog Check This Week

If you haven’t already posted your 3 new entries and 3 comments to peer entries (posted in Nov.), please do so ASAP. I’ll be checking blogs later this week. For those of you keeping track or who may want to get ahead over the break, there’s only 1 more blog entry left. I’ll evaluate this set of 3 and then look at the final 1 around Dec. 9th. If you go ahead and post your final blog, I’d like that entry to be a “signing off” style entry, especially if you don’t think you’ll keep blogging after our course. This should be a meaningful entry that still gives readers something, but you might also make some more summative comments about the blogging you’ve done over the course of the semester and suggest that you’ll be taking a break for a while. As always, consider the public (beyond the course) as well as classmates as your audience for this.

No Class Wed. (and CLSO not open): Happy Thanksgiving!

If you need a lab with Movie Maker to work on your project, check out the campus labs list.

Survey for Rhetoric and Composition Majors: Take 5 Minutes


If you are a rhetoric and composition major, can you please answer this very short, 4-question survey about literature and language courses you’ve taken for your major. We are trying to collect some data to use to assess our curriculum, and we’d really appreciate it. I will email you about this as well.


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Associate Professor of English (Rhetoric and Composition), Georgia State University


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