Hybrid Design

Hybrid Course Design

Hybrid courses devote some class sessions to typical face-to-face classroom experiences, but other class sessions are completed through online and field-based assignments that do not require you to meet in our classroom. I have designed our course to be hybrid for two main reasons: 1) to help facilitate the logistics of your community collaborations for the service learning project, and 2) because the project-based nature of the assignments is complemented by allotting time for independent and collaborative research, writing, and technology practice. This is not a lecture-based course, and much of your time in class will be spent composing and designing digital texts. On the days when we do not meet face-to-face for class, you will complete assignments such as writing on your blog, posting to D2L, meeting and collaborating with your peers and community partner, or visiting your service organization to complete course assignments. It is your responsibility to keep up with when we are meeting face-to-face and when, instead, you have online or community-based assignments to complete.


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