Needs Assessment for Community Project
  • Collaborative Writing Assignment
  • Due in a Word document attached as an email to Dr. Holmes (aholmes@gsu.edu) no later than midnight (11:59 p.m., to be exact) on Friday, September 27th.
  • Suggested length: 4 to 6 pages typed, double-spaced
  • You should organize your Needs Assessment as a report; you need to cover the following required parts. You will submit this to me as an assignment (for which you will earn credit). After I give your group feedback, you will revise and then share this with your community partner so that you can ensure that you are on the same “page,” so keep them in mind as a secondary audience.

Required parts:

  • Description of organization’s purpose and goals
  • Description of the agreed-upon service project
  • Description of materials/content/websites/videos already existing or present
  • Description of what additional tasks need to be completed for service project
  • Description of materials needed to complete tasks (equipment, data, etc.)
  • Brief explanations of each group members’ unique skills related to the project and a division of roles/labor/duties that you anticipate (which may be affiliated with the next bullet point)
  • Projected timeline with a series of mini “due dates” by which you need to have various components completed (keeping in mind your ultimate deadline of the last week of class, except for AdvoChild video group, which may be working with a mid-Nov. deadline, check with Marion on this)
  • Anticipated concerns or questions you have at this point


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