Digital Writing & Publishing Portfolio

(PDF of Assignment Sheet)

Percentage of Grade: 25%

Final Draft Due: Sunday, November 24th, no later than midnight


In the next half of the semester, we will turn our focus to a series of short digital writing and publishing assignments, some of which you will revise and compile into a digital writing and publishing portfolio. These assignments will ultimately be separate from your collaborative service project. However the skills you learn, and, in some cases, the assignments you complete may have a direct application to your service project. You will receive feedback from me and/or your peers on the drafts of your short assignments. You will also receive credit for drafts of these assignments: 5% of the overall 25% will be devoted to submitting drafts of each of the projects.

Portfolio Projects:

The list of short assignments we’ll be working through include the following:

The topics you use to create these assignments should either be related to your blog niche or to your service project. For example, if your blog is about fashion deals in Atlanta, for the Google maps assignment, you could create a Google map that displays the best deals in a certain part of town.

Submitting the Final Portfolio:

You will select at least 3 items to display in your final digital writing and publishing portfolio. You will revise the earlier drafts you completed of these items based on the feedback you received from me and/or your peers.

  • Form of Submission: Either, post all required parts to the Digital Writing & Publishing Portfolio folder within the dropbox on D2L. Or, within the dropbox on D2L, post a link for me to be able to access your digital, online, and public portfolio (which should contain all parts). This second options is meant to allow you to think of creative ways to display your portfolio, but you are welcome to simply post the parts on D2L, especially since we didn’t have much time in class to talk about ways to package your portfolio.
  • Required Parts:
  • At least 3 revised digital writing projects from the list above (if you are creating a website for your community partner, it does not count as one of your 3 items.)
  • An introduction to readers that frames your project and introduces your 3 pieces of writing. Consider a general audience of potential employers, other professors, interested family and friends, as well as me as your teacher and  your peers in this class. (approximately 250 words)
  • A reflection on your portfolio that (1) articulates why you selected the items in your portfolio, (2) narrates your writing/production processes and what revisions you made for each of the selected items, (3) explains the purposeful, rhetorical choices you made for each of those items, and (3) explains what you have learned as a result of this series of assignments for the portfolio project (in this last point, feel free to refer to other mini-assignments that didn’t make it into your final portfolio). (approximately 750 – 1250 words, which is 3-5 typed, double-spaced pages in MS Word [but which may look differently in whatever form you choose to submit])
  • Where and How to Submit: No later than midnight, Sunday, November 24th, post all required parts or a link to your online portfolio with all required parts to the Dropbox on D2L.


Your portfolio will be graded using the following criteria:

  • Each portfolio item will be assessed individually, and I will evaluate (1) how effectively you demonstrate your knowledge of effective digital writing using the techniques we studied throughout the course, (2) how effectively you meet the genre expectations of that particular form of digital writing, (3) how effective your *writing* is, and (4) whether you gave appropriate credit to external sources when appropriate.
  • I will assess the portfolio as a whole by evaluating (1) how effectively you introduce your portfolio, (2) how effectively the form you selected for the portfolio displays the content, (3) how effectively you articulate your process of production and revision, (4) how effectively you communicate the rhetorical choices you made for each item, and (5) how effectively you articulate what you learned (or perhaps didn’t learn) as a result of the project.
  • You will lose one third of a letter grade per calendar day your portfolio submission is late.



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