Monday  l  August 26th

Course Introductions (CLSO 303)

  • Syllabus
  • What is writing? How is it changing in electronic contexts?
  • Technology experience / comfort questionnaire
  • Reflection on your goals and expectations for the course

Homework: Check the “Assignments Due” for next class (see below).


Wednesday  l  August 28th

Foundational Skills: Understanding the Craft of Digital Writing (CLSO 303)

  • Rhetorical Situation & MMAPS: Mode, Media, Audience, Purpose, Situation
  • Genre analysis
  • Wordle

Assignments due at the start of class:

  • Read:  Chapter 1: “On Writing Well,” pages 1-22 (Carroll)
  • Write:  Complete chapter assignment # 1 on page 20. As the prompt says, you can choose any topic you want, but my additional requirement is that your topic somehow related to Atlanta / the local area. Type and print out your response. Due as a hard copy at the start of class.

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