Wednesday  l  October 2nd

Midterm Review Day (optional face-to-face day, no attendance taken) 

  • Brief review of important concepts for midterm exam
  • Brief overview of exam format
  • Time for questions and to post your key terms assignment (due by midnight)
  • Time for service groups to meet

Assignment due by midnight Wednesday, October 2nd:

Assignments due by midnight Friday, October 4th:


Monday  l  October 7th

Midterm Exam (CLSO 303)


Wednesday  l  October 9th

Service Learning Project Work Day (CLSO 303)

  • Mid-point reflections on course
  • Production day for service learning projects

Assignments due by midnight, Friday, October 11th:


Monday  l  October 14th

Designing Online Spaces (CLSO 303)

  • Page planning and layout, understanding audience, style guides

Assignments due for class:

  • Read: Writing for Digital Media, Chapter 5: “Designing Places and Spaces,” pages 97-118
  • Please note that midpoint is October 15th. Students wishing to withdraw should do so before this date in order to receive a grade of W for the course. 


Wednesday  l  October 16th

Storyboarding Your Website (hybrid day, online assignments / optional CLSO 303)

 Assignments due by midnight, Friday, October 18th:

  • Prepare a two-page summary of the audience needs for your website using the categories and questions on page 116 of your textbook. If your service-learning project involves website creation, answer these questions for the audience of that website; also, if this is for your S-L project, this is still an individual assignment. Each of you may have slightly different answers. Submit through D2L dropbox.
  • Storyboard the basic layout of your home page. You may use a program such as Photoshop or MS Word, or you could draw a picture and scan it for electronic submission. Submit through D2L dropbox.
  • Weekly blog post and 1 comment on a peer’s blog
  • Note the assignments due for Monday’s class (Lynda videos and one paragraph) listed below.


Monday  l  October 21st

Web Development: Using WordPress for Creating a Website (CLSO 303)

  • Creating the basic layout of your website

Assignments due by the start of class:

  • Watch at least 1 hour of Lynda videos on the topic of WordPress. Once you’ve logged-in to the Lynda system, choose “Software” from the drop-down windows, navigate to the “W,” and select “WordPress.” You can watch an entire “course” or you can watch clips or pieces from courses. I recommend one of the WordPress Essential training videos or the Creative Portfolios video, but you are welcome to “follow your nose” and interests and watch whatever video clips you’d like within the WordPress area.
  • Write a paragraph listing at least 3 things you learned about WordPress resulting from your video. Submit a hard copy at the start of class.


Wednesday  l  October 23rd

WordPress continued (hybrid day, online assignments / optional CLSO 303)

  • In-class practice with WordPress
  • Create basic homepage template for organization using WordPress.

Assignments due by midnight, Friday, October 25th:

  • WordPress homepage (potential portfolio item): Email to Dr. Holmes (aholmes@gsu.edu)
  • Weekly blog post and 1 comment on a peer’s blog


Monday  l  October 28th

Maps (CLSO 303)

  • Google map (potential portfolio item)
  • Service-Learning Group Meeting Time: Negotiate with Dr. Holmes what you will turn in as a draft in 2 weeks.

Assignments due by the start of class:

  • Blog check date, 3 new entries and 3 new comments due (see blog criteria)


Wednesday  l  October 30th

Google Maps & Service Group Work (hybrid day, online assignments / CLSO 303 Open Lab)

  • Continue working on draft of Google Map for portfolio
  • Complete necessary service group work

Assignments due by midnight, Friday, November 1st:

  • Email Dr. Holmes (aholmes@gsu.edu) with a link to your draft Google map.

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