Monday  l  September 2nd

Labor Day, no class meeting


Wednesday  l  September 4th

Foundational Skills: Differences in Print-Based and Digital Writing (CLSO 303)

  • Scan-ability, readability, credibility, interactivity, XHTML

Assignments due at the start of class.

  • Read:  Writing for Digital Media, Chapter 2: “Digital Media Versus Analog Media,” pages 23-54
  • Write: Complete chapter assignment # 1 on page 50. Bring a revision of your homework writing from the previous class session. Type and print your revision and also bring the original writing. Both items (original and revision) due as hard copies at the start of class.
  • Note: There will be a reading quiz in class, so come prepared and arrive on time.


 Monday  l  September 9th

Blogs (CLSO 303)

  • Blogging history, software, basics, and ethics
  • Create WordPress blogs
  • Brainstorm your Atlanta niche
  • Begin WordPress scavenger hunt (if time)

Assignment due at the start of class:

  • Read: Writing for Digital Media, Chapter 7: “Blogito, Ergo Sum,” pages 137-167


Wednesday  l  September 11th  

Blogs continued (hybrid day, online assignments)

  • Carving your niche
  • Live blogging / blogging an event

Assignments due by midnight, Friday, September 13th:

  • As soon as possible: Email Dr. Holmes (aholmes@gsu.edu) the web address for your blog and a brief explanation of your niche. If you are torn, unsure, or simply want some feedback on your ideas, please include that in your email, and I will respond.
  • Complete all components of the WordPress Scavenger Hunt. Consult the D2L discussion board “WordPress Scavenger Hunt” for questions, help, and tips if you get stuck on one of the components. I will check your blog to give you credit for this assignment.
  • Read: Peruse the about sections and a few of the most recent entries for the following Atlanta-based food blogs: Eat It, Atlanta (http://www.eatitatlanta.com/), Eat Buford Highway (http://eatbufordhighway.com/), and Foodie Buddha (http://www.foodiebuddha.com/).
  • Write: Begin composing your online, blog persona by creating an “About” page or entry that describes the focus of your blog and tells a little about you.
  • Write: Post an entry to your blog related to its niche. Either (1) complete the Chapter 7 assignment (p. 164-165), which requires you to live blog an event/TV show or some other relevant happening related to your niche, or (2) simply review an event/experience that you attended/created that’s related to your niche. When you’re composing, remember all you’ve read thus far about how to write effectively online (use your headlines, short chunks of texts, include links/images/videos when appropriate, etc.). Please remember to avoid plagiarism: if it’s word-for-word from another source, article, or website, you need to put it in quotation marks and give credit/cite them in some capacity. Give credit for images and videos when you can as well.
  • Don’t forget the additional assignments due before class Monday (see below).


 Monday  l  September 16th

Copyright and Intellectual Property (CLSO 303)

  • Service-learning group meetings (first 15 minutes)
  • Defining terms: copyright laws, fair use, creative commons
  • Guest speaker: Sean Lind, GSU Digital Initiatives Librarian

Assignments due by the start of class:

  • Read: Carroll pages 278-290
  • Read and respond (in 50-100 words each) to at least 3 of your peers’ blog entries. Check the homepage of the course website for links to your peers’ blogs.


Wednesday  l  September 18th 

New Media Theories and Concepts (CLSO 303)

  • Supersaturation, data smog, and convergence

Assignments due by the start of class:

  • Read: “Supersaturation, or The Media Torrent and Disposable Feeling,” by Gitlin (D2L)
  • Read: “The First Law of Data Smog,” by Shenk (D2L)
  • Read: “Convergence and Its Consequences,” by Pavlik and McIntosh (D2L)
  • Note: There will be a reading quiz in class, so come prepared and arrive on time.

Assignment due by midnight, Friday, Sept. 20th:

  • Weekly blog post


Monday  l  September 23rd

Writing in Digital Contexts: Style and Techniques (CLSO 303)

  • Visual components, simplicity, clarity, and usability
  • Discuss blog guidelines / expectations
  • Last 15 minutes of class, service project group meeting time

Assignments due by the start of class:

  • Read: Writing for Digital Media, Chapter 3: “Screen Writing,” pages 57-72


Wednesday  l  September 25th

Preparing for Community Partnerships (hybrid day, online assignments)

Assignments due by midnight, Friday, September 27th:

  • Needs Assessment Report (click hyperlink for assignment description)
  • If interested or necessary based on interactions with community partner, make site visits to service organization to learn more and/or make plans for your project.
  • Weekly blog post
  • Don’t forget your assignments due before class starts Monday (see description below).


Monday  l September 30th

Preparing Texts for the Web (CLSO 303)

  • Headings, hypertext, chunking, and whitespace

Assignments due by the start of class:

  • Read: Writing for Digital Media, Chapter 4: “Headlines and Hypertext, pages 73-96
  • Service-learning reflection: Send Dr. Holmes an email (aholmes@gsu.edu) with your reflections on how things are going with your service project. In 1 – 2 paragraphs answer the following questions: (1) what is going well? (2) what (if any) concerns or questions do you have? (3) what (if anything, big or small) have you learned as a result of your work for this project? (4) is there anything else I should know about your project, your group members, or your community partner?

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