VoiceThread Peer Review Digital Story

PDF of Handout with Images

Sharing Your Digital Story via VoiceThread (Due by midnight on Tues. 11/19)

For your hybrid day assignment, you will give 2 of your peers feedback on their digital story drafts using a program called VoiceThread.

  1. Create a VoiceThread account by going to www.voicethread.com and clicking “register.” You will need to confirm your account through email to activate it.

Complete a draft version of your digital story to share with your peers for feedback. If you are using Windows MovieMaker, you will need to “Save Movie” à “For Computer,” which will publish your file as a .mp4 video file and will save it somewhere on your computer (choose somewhere you can easily find).

Note: if you only “save project,” the file will be in editing mode and you will not be able to upload it to VoiceThread. You still need to “save project” so that you have an editable version, but when you’re ready to share, you need to “save movie.”

  1. Next, log-in to www.voicethread.com and upload your move (see images below). Go to the “Create” tab, and then select “Upload from” à “My Computer.” Select your draft movie file.
  2. Once your video is uploaded, choose the “Share” button and select the “Get a Link” button.
  3. Choose to “Copy the Link” and be sure the boxes for allow anyone to view and comment are checked. Then paste that link (it copies it for you when you press the “copy the link” button, so simply right click or ctrl+V to paste) into an email addressed to your peer review group and Dr. Holmes. (See image below)

Commenting on Your Peers’ Drafts via VoiceThread (Due by midnight Thurs. 11/21)

  1. You should receive a link from 2 of your peers with their drafts posted to VoiceThread.
  2. Click on the link to view the draft on VoiceThread. You can pause and play as needed.
  3. When you’re ready to make a comment. Press the “Comment” button.
  4. You can choose to make your comment in a variety of forms, though perhaps the easiest (though feel free to try others) is to type your comments, in which case you would select “type” and a text box would appear in the bottom, left corner for you to type. You can type several short comments or you can write a more extended paragraph or so of comments on the draft overall. Be sure to “save” your comment before moving on.
  5. After you comment, you should see an icon (like the car or house above) appear on the left or right side. This is where your comment(s) will be stored for the writer to then read/view later.
  6. Your peer will receive an email notification when you’ve commented on the draft (so no need to send an email saying you’ve commented).


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